William Hughes Civil Engineering Limited offers a full range of services, from construction of major civil engineering works and infrastructure projects through to smaller solutions for domestic clients. We offer single service delivery and tailored integrated solutions to meet precise customer needs.

Utilising our in-house modern fleet of equipment, we carry out major groundwork and infrastructure projects in both urban and rural locations. Familiar with excavations in hard rock and soft, unstable ground, we are capable of successfully carrying out schemes in a variety of geological environments whilst ensuring the safety of all involved. Accuracy and precision ensures client satisfaction during both the construction process and eliminates any long term maintenance requirements.

Due to our geographical location, it is inevitable that we are familiar with working in coastal locations often carrying out work in environmentally sensitive areas. We are experienced in managing the risks involved with working in tidal conditions and also working in unstable ground or extremely hard rock. With the company roots firmly established in the field of traditional rock blasting with explosives, nowadays modern techniques have been adopted, this and our extensive knowledge of the North Wales area ensures that we are able to prepare accordingly and deal efficiently with areas of rocky ground.

Our experience of working in rivers include construction of weirs for fish migration, weirs for power generation, installation of trash screens and tidal doors, construction of outfalls, river re-alignment work and habitat creation. We have extensive knowledge of flow diversion and flow control methods and also environmental regulations and best practise. Our ‘get it right first time’ strategy is imperative ensuring successful delivery every time.

Our resources by way of workforce, plant and equipment have the necessary training, qualifications and technology to carry out work efficiently and safely on roads and highways. With long established relationships with local quarries and suppliers, we are confident in the quality of products used and also the dependability of suppliers. Our ‘get it right first time’ approach ensures the satisfaction of clients and eliminates any disruption due to return visits.
Additionally, our record of dealing with members of the public is exemplary with the workforce often complimented on the way they conduct themselves and go about their work. On roads and highway schemes where public interface is inevitable, our emphasis on bilingualism ensures that communities are able to receive information in their preferred language.


Having experience of constructing road, rail, foot and cycle bridges over roads, rivers and ravines, we have the knowledge in-house to successfully carry out quality schemes with efficiency without compromising on safety. Our specialism of constructing complex reinforced in-situ concrete structures is often a core element in many bridge construction projects.


Having constructed retaining walls in several locations from sea walls at seaside locations to stabilisation works for slate slurry at a quarry, we are capable of carrying out in-situ concrete retaining walls, anchored pre-cast concrete walls, reinforced block walls and anchored gabion systems.

With term contracts at two of the main sources of renewable power in North Wales, Dinorwig and Ffestiniog Power Stations, major providers of hydro-electricity, we are familiar with working in highly regulated sites and conforming to strict safety arrangements undertaking a variety of tasks including We have also constructed a weir in a mountainous location in Dolgarrog during recent years.

Capable of carrying out work up to the value of £5 million, we take pride in our reputation for being one of North Wales’ leading construction companies with regard to foul and clean water pipelines and treatment works. With experience of working closely with Dwr Cymru Welsh Water since their inception, we provide a quality service from buildability issues, construction solutions and on-site expertise. Our repertoire includes structural concrete storage tanks, GRP storm tanks, plastic, concrete and ductile iron pipework, steel frame buildings, roads and landscaping.