Dwr Cymru Welsh Water

Kinmel Park Depot
Kinmel Park Industrial Estate
Abergele Road
LL18 5TY

The site is located immediately adjacent to the A55, west of Boddelwyddan, Denbigshire.

Contract Value


Contract Date

June - November 2014

Scope of Work

Our work consisted of the groundwork element of a project to refurbish an existing commercial unit to enable its use as a local water services depot with both offices and a storage/plant yard.

The area surrounding the building needed to be converted to provide suitable parking facilities for up to 200 staff and also accommodate the aggregate/topsoil stores and plant and equipment.

Fencing, barriers, landscaping, signing and external lighting were incorporated together with allowing 24/7 access and segregating vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

Some of the challenges faced were demolition of a World War II bunker, delicate removal of vegitation whilst maintaining the habitiats of various wildlife species and the protection of particular oak and ancient trees. Safe access through the site must also be maintained at all times for access to neighbouring industrial units.

Work included

  • Demolition of WWII Bunker (brickwork shelter & arch crushed on site for reuse as hard core)
  • Site clearance (tree cutting & shrub removal prior to nesting season - full eco survey carried out)
  • Ground clearance
  • Move material over uneven ground & compact – 150 x 200m
  • Surface water drains & gullies & oil separator
  • Foul Sewers & Chambers
  • Reinforced concrete base for stores - 12x12m
  • UPVC Ducting (CCTV & Street Lighting)
  • Kerbing
  • Concrete Bollards
  • Construction of Concrete Storage Bays
  • Permanent Fencing
  • 3360m2 Tarmac Surface
  • White Lining

Trearddur Bay Sailing Club
Trearddur Bay Sailing Club
Gwyndy, Lon Penrhyn Garw,
Bae Trearddur. LL65 2YY
Contract Value
Contract Date
November - December 2014 & February 2015
Scope of Work
The project was undertaken in 2 phases;
Phase 1:

  • Break-up of existing flexible pavement of the Dinghy Park in order to achieve safe angle of repose for removal of existing gabions.
  • Removal of existing damaged gabions.
  • Installation of 3 layers of gabion baskets, and associated geotextile membrane.
  • Reinstating of Dinghy Park.

Phase 2:
Installation of rock armour to front of gabion baskets in order to dissipate the energy of approaching waves in storm events.

The work was successfully carried out and difficulties such as gaining access to beach for vehicles and machinery, limited working space during periods of high tide and ensuring public access to the beach remained for the duration of the works were all overcome during the course of the project.





Costain Ltd - Dwr Cymru Welsh Water
Mynydd Llandygai
Contract Value
Contract Date
April 2009 - May 2010
Scope of Work
As part of DCWW early start investment plan for AMP 5 the existing water treatment works at Mynydd Llandegai was extended and enhanced to address the deterioration in the quality of the raw water supply leading to a risk of increasing THM concentrations in the treated water.

WH scope of works included:

  • Traffic management, establishment of controlled access routes to & from site.
  • Co-ordinated working with DCWW operators on live sites ensuring access is maintained at all times
  • Site strip & clearance, bulk earthworks (working adjacent to SSSI)
  • Diversion of existing process and drainage pipework
  • Construction of reinforced concrete bases & structures
  • Installation of structural steel frame building inc stone cladding and slate roof
  • Installation of drainage and process pipelines (pressurized and gravity)
  • Installation of power, telemetry buried cable and ducting
  • Road & footpath construction (tarmacadam & markings)
  • Installation of Level 4 security fencing and gates
  • Site reinstatement including formation of screening bunds and planting